What Applicant have to say about Airport Service

Maha Osama (Egypt |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Silver Meet and Greet)

  Thanks a million, great service and my parents were very happy and comfortable, did not feel a thing.. They were so grateful so am I :)

Walid (Saudi Arabia |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Gold Meet & Greet)

  It was excellent service 7 Stars thank you for looking after us, Good luck

Joanna Borza (United Kingdom |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Silver Meet & Greet)

  The meet and greet service was absolutely excellent. Very efficient booking and confirmation system +fantastic customer service. Please continue to keep up the high standard as we will be using your service regularly going forward! Many thanks Joanna

Samer Saed (Palestine |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Gold Meet & Greet)

  I really appreciate the level of service provided. it was an excellent experience per my guest feedback. thanks a lot !

Jamal Hamadeh (Lebanon |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Silver Meet and Greet)

  Quick service, staff always ready to assist and give full explanations. Recommended ????????

Sohil Alhamad (Saudi Arabia |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Meet & Assist)

  It was a great experience. The employee who took me through out the airport process was very professional and well known of the airport facilities. I recommend the services for all of my friends.

Hamad Alawadhi (France |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Silver Meet and Greet)

  Thank you for making my guest feel like a princess your the best

usama (Egypt |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Silver Meet and Greet)

  It was perfect

Shahira Shahine (Egypt |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | VIP Service for Egyptians)

  Excellent service

M Muzaffar Khan (Pakistan |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Bronze Meet & Greet)

  Amazing service and most importantly the staff attitude, my guests were recieved as their own personal guests, truly outstanding ! Specially Lana Peric, what a great approach she has. I was quite worried when my wife and young daughter were traveling, they were assisted by Lana, Lana went iut of her way in helping them, much appreciated. Again today when my mother arrived, she was Assisted by Mica. MICA did everything to ensure great service and my elderly mother was wuite impressed ;)Thank You Lana and Mica