What Applicant have to say about Airport Service

Radhika (India |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Silver Meet & Greet Service)

  Dear Team The phone numbers you provided were of no use or help I spent a stressful morning trying to reach out , finally I arrived at the conclusion that I was cheated. Only when I reached the airport , after seeing my mother I was rest assured. But wats the point in giving numbers that don’t work? You need to fix that I wanted to give an important message to the ground staff Anyway .. Hopefully it will be better next time

Shweta Mokadam (India |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Gold Meet & Greet Service)

  Excellent service. We are very happy and pleased that you folks took care of my mother. Shraddha Pathak is a rock star. My sincere that she took care of my mother very well. we will look forward to avail your service again and refer to friends. Thanks, please keep it up..

Brenda Domingues ( |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Silver Meet & Greet Service)

  I don’t think you can put a price on piece of mind. Sending your daughter to college internationally all alone during Covid is overwhelming for both parent and child. Thank you for taking some of that stress away. She was greeted and guided from plane through customs to plane by friendly staff. Thank you.

William England (Russia |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Silver Meet & Greet Service)

  Excellent support. Thank You.

Ahmed abdelaziz (Egypt |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | VIP Service for Egyptians)

  Everything went smooth as promised .well done

Sherif (Egypt |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | VIP Service for Egyptians)

  Thank you for the great service.

NEVILLE SOLI MODY (India |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Bronze Meet & Greet Service)

  Service is always efficient however this time it was exceptional with the additional navigation with BMC and the new COVID procedures. KUDOS!

Bimal Parekh (India |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Platinum Meet & Greet Service)

  Excellent service from Pranam, the person who greets is not only very gentle but is updated to all the complex requirements which keep changing daily in these COVID times. A must-have service to navigate oneself on the international airport. Great work Pranam Keep it up

Abdul Jaleel ( |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Silver Meet & Greet Service)

  It was excellent service. You did a great job you did everything from A to Z ...

Amit Ghosh (India |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Silver Meet & Greet Service)

  Not bad, but can improve.