What Applicant have to say about Airport Service

Tarek Mohamed (Egypt |Service Taken :ArrivalBronze Meet & Greet)
  2017-10-17 (02:15 AM)

  Service is very expensive compared to the original fee of service provider you have cheat me $60 instead of WAD 95 very strange

MAHMOUDH AL HUSSIENY (Canada |Service Taken :ArrivalBronze Meet & Greet)
  2017-10-09 (11:43 AM)


Sami Saad (Lebanon |Service Taken :ArrivalBronze Meet & Greet)
  2017-09-28 (03:43 AM)

  excellent. Received just before immigration queue, and all went well. Took about 5 minutes to complete the process

Jenny Crasto (Saudi Arabia |Service Taken :Transfer/TransitTransfer Gold Meet & Greet)
  2017-08-21 (05:45 PM)

  Excellent service. The online support on the chat and Whatsapp is really helpful. Thank you.

Mohamad elmahdy (Egypt |Service Taken :ArrivalVIP Service for Egyptians)
  2017-08-05 (08:35 PM)

  The online chatting team is very professional smart and helpful I had a very excellent service esp with Katherine Wish my comment reflects to their reward Best of luck for excellent service

sharfat ali (India |Service Taken :DepartureSilver Meet and Greet)
  2017-07-25 (05:11 PM)

  Excellent Service , Very comfortable and friendly

Mohammed (Saudi Arabia |Service Taken :ArrivalGold Meet & Greet)
  2017-07-03 (12:39 PM)


Hany Abdelnour (United States of America |Service Taken :ArrivalGold Meet & Greet)
  2017-07-03 (12:18 PM)

  double the price of local services in Abu Dhabi.

Rakshit (British Indian Ocean Territory |Service Taken :ArrivalMeet & Assist)
  2017-07-03 (12:06 PM)

  Chat support Team was very prompt in addressing my issues. Services were delivered on time and at the airport was escorted through quickly.

hemant (Albania |Service Taken :ArrivalMeet & Assist)
  2017-07-03 (11:13 AM)

  Good Service