What Applicant have to say about Airport Service

Abdulraheim Awartani (Jordan |Service Taken :ArrivalBronze Meet & Greet Service)
  2018-11-05 (02:17 AM)


IQBAL JAVED (Pakistan |Service Taken :ArrivalSilver Meet & Greet Service)
  2018-11-02 (05:22 PM)

  Nice service & updates

David Green (United States Of America |Service Taken :ArrivalBronze Meet & Greet)
  2018-10-29 (10:41 PM)

  Super easy. Breezed right through!

Niall O'Donnell (United Kingdom |Service Taken :ArrivalSilver Meet & Greet Service)
  2018-10-28 (11:38 AM)

  Pamela was very

Doa’a El Badrawy (Egypt |Service Taken :ArrivalPlatinum Meet & Greet Service)
  2018-10-24 (06:54 PM)

  Good Support

Todd Coyer (United States Of America |Service Taken :Transfer/TransitSilver Meet & Greet Service)
  2018-10-18 (02:06 PM)

  Had great service

Souzan Ali (Syria |Service Taken :ArrivalSilver Meet & Greet Service)
  2018-10-17 (09:50 AM)

  services were amazing

Eugene Verbael (Netherlands |Service Taken :ArrivalMeet & Assist - Main Terminal)
  2018-10-15 (09:57 AM)

  Booked services for my mother's arrival as first time flying to Kuwait .. noting her words .. "the most pleasant arrival she has had" with having done over a dozen trips throughout the years to the Middle East, visiting UAE, Oman, Qatar and now Kuwait. I can highly recommend this service and commend the professional and courteous approach provided. > 5 stars !!

Auburn F. King (United States Of America |Service Taken :Transfer/TransitBronze Meet & Greet Service)
  2018-10-12 (04:21 PM)

  Met on time at CDG. VERY PROFESSIONAL FRIENDLY AND competent young lady. Easley transit from Term 2F to 2E portes M I would use the service again. *****

Mary Borcean (United States Of America |Service Taken :ArrivalBronze Meet & Greet Service)
  2018-10-10 (10:38 PM)

  Accommodating, responsive and great service!! Thank you!

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