What Applicant have to say about Airport Service

MOHAMMED MUZAFAR ALI (Germany |Service Taken :ArrivalSilver Meet and Greet)
  2018-04-01 (08:12 PM)


MOHAMMED MUZAFAR ALI (Germany |Service Taken :DepartureSilver Meet and Greet)
  2018-04-01 (12:53 PM)


MOHAMMED MUZAFAR ALI (Germany |Service Taken :Transfer/TransitTransfer Service)
  2018-04-01 (12:50 PM)


Gerhard Huber (Austria |Service Taken :ArrivalBronze Meet & Greet)
  2018-04-01 (10:42 AM)

  Friendly, helpful and efficient Definitely using the service again

Shereif Fikry Saleh Dewedar (Egypt |Service Taken :ArrivalVIP Service for Egyptians)
  2018-03-31 (04:23 PM)

  This was my first time to try this service and it was a very weird trip as it has delayed for 13 hours, and really the care that they have shown me to check on me several times during these 13 hours was outstanding. And after I reached Cairo Airport I found them in front of the plane ladder with a smile and they finish all the process within no time. Really it was a magnificent experience and I recommend this service to anyone Thank you very much :-)

Rania Merched (Lebanon |Service Taken :ArrivalSilver Meet and Greet)
  2018-03-28 (01:40 PM)

  I’m really really happy with your services. Very professional team, quick service. Thank you

Shadi Mohamed Samara (United Kingdom |Service Taken :ArrivalMeet & Assist - Main Terminal)
  2018-03-27 (03:51 AM)

  Service was good, staff were welcoming.

Nadine Sawiris (Egypt |Service Taken :ArrivalVIP Service for Egyptians)
  2018-03-22 (10:48 AM)

  Everything is perfect but the main problem is that the luggage process is very very slow we waited more than an hour to claim them!

Joanna Borza (United Kingdom |Service Taken :ArrivalSilver Meet & Greet)
  2018-03-21 (11:15 PM)

  The meet and greet service was absolutely excellent. Very efficient booking and confirmation system +fantastic customer service. Please continue to keep up the high standard as we will be using your service regularly going forward! Many thanks Joanna

Samer Saed (Palestine |Service Taken :ArrivalGold Meet & Greet)
  2018-03-21 (06:39 PM)

  I really appreciate the level of service provided. it was an excellent experience per my guest feedback. thanks a lot !