What Applicant have to say about Airport Service

BRAHIM REDOUANE (Canada |Service Taken :ArrivalMeet & Greet Plus Visa on Arrival)
  2018-08-18 (09:40 PM)


Maya (Lebanon |Service Taken :ArrivalMeet & Greet Services)
  2018-08-17 (01:14 PM)

  The service was excellent. Thank you for your professionalism!!

Mateen (Saudi Arabia |Service Taken :DepartureSilver Meet & Greet Service)
  2018-08-16 (08:50 PM)

  We all are in the aircraft and shortly will depart to CDG. Thank you ???????? Mr. Bruno the “greeter” is excellent ????????? Profeesional gentleman and Christiana the “porter” is also fine & Profeesional lady?????????. We were received from the vans and our luggage were carried by Christiana “porter” with large trolley that she had ready and all luggage tags were ready with Bruno and all 10pcs of our luggage were checked-in immediately at Air France counter with priority sticker on each piece of luggage directly withou waiting at Air France counter all checked in instantly.. We all followed Bruno Thru the fast track security line.. he came again to us with Christiana at 3:05 pm at near gate and took us all in via priority lane to aircraft. ?????????????????

jane Clarinda Deyong (United Kingdom |Service Taken :DepartureMeet & Assist Plus Lounge)
  2018-08-12 (11:55 PM)

  Excellent service

jane Clarinda Deyong (United Kingdom |Service Taken :ArrivalSilver Meet & Greet)
  2018-08-12 (11:53 PM)

  Very efficient service, it made our journey much less stressful

RAFIK MIKHAIEL (Egypt |Service Taken :ArrivalVIP Service for Egyptians)
  2018-08-06 (06:15 AM)

  Omar and Waleed were very helpful and understanding

Dr. mohamed elshobary (Egypt |Service Taken :ArrivalVIP Service for Egyptians)
  2018-08-06 (12:04 AM)

  no body knew about you in sharjah airport

Salma Mohamed Hanafy Ahmed (Egypt |Service Taken :ArrivalVIP Service for Egyptians)
  2018-08-05 (12:34 PM)

  All was perfect except that i couldn’t find the greeter for half an hour.

Adarsh Reamanan (India |Service Taken :ArrivalSilver Meet and Greet)
  2018-08-04 (02:50 PM)

  100% i am satisfied

Paul Thomas (Phillippines |Service Taken :DepartureMeet & Assist)
  2018-08-03 (09:25 PM)

  Great service. My mother-in-law was a first time flyer travelling alone. Airport Services took very good care of her and made sure she boarded her flight. Highly recommended.