What Applicant have to say about Airport Service

Amanda dixon (United Kingdom |Service Taken :ArrivalSilver Meet and Greet)
  2018-06-22 (01:16 PM)

  Fantastic service from booking to getting my niece from you.great and very friendly staff thank you

Christine (India |Service Taken :ArrivalGold Meet & Greet)
  2018-06-17 (11:08 AM)

  very good service

Mohamed Noureldin Abdelhakim ( |Service Taken :DepartureVIP Service for Egyptians)
  2018-06-02 (06:53 PM)

  Waiting halls were very cold In general it is very good service

RADHE DAS (India |Service Taken :DepartureMeet & Assist)
  2018-06-01 (11:14 AM)

  Very Good service

Sabina Chandiramani (Egypt |Service Taken :ArrivalStandard Meet & Assist)
  2018-05-29 (04:19 PM)

  service was excellent

Mila Suprun (United Arab Emirates |Service Taken :ArrivalBronze Meet & Greet)
  2018-05-28 (05:35 PM)

  Great and quick

LOKESH KAUSHIK (India |Service Taken :ArrivalSilver Meet and Greet)
  2018-05-27 (01:03 PM)

  Very good service

Kim Issa (France |Service Taken :ArrivalBronze Meet & Greet)
  2018-05-27 (10:57 AM)

  Lovely person welcomed me

Sayed hijazi ( |Service Taken :Transfer/TransitTransfer Meet & Assist Plus Lounge)
  2018-05-26 (08:48 PM)

  Great communication and service

Belal Mohamed ( |Service Taken :ArrivalSilver Meet and Greet)
  2018-05-23 (10:24 PM)

  First the hosing at Attatork Airport was excellent, where at Egypt so bad, more than one hour waiting on the 4 floor without any services, Every one she ask to take to the airplane say OK and leave her, I am upset Egypt my country deal like this, where at the Atatourk airport follow up and kindness from the team , Three persons are help her, I hope to find on the next trip the same as Atatourk airport team.