What Applicant have to say about Airport Service

Nadia A Ghader (Kuwait |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Meet & Assist)

  I'm Happy with the service .

Ray (United Kingdom |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Gold Meet & Greet)

  Adam from the chat room did an excellent job of booking this for my daughter and 11 week old granddaughter who are looking forward to their first visit to Dubai. Thank you for your assistance.

Dhinakar Chandrasekaran (United Arab Emirates |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Silver Meet and Greet)

  It was quite straight forward and easy to make the booking. You might need some vetting of the grammar in your site. I found at least one mistake. It was on the last screen after confirmation and payment that you ask for the Ticket upload. In that screen it says "For better convenient" instead of convenience. That's about it. thanks.

Mohamed ElRamly/Mohamed ElRamly (Egypt |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Bronze Meet & Greet)

  Online service is great, waiting for the practical part

Dawn West (Jordan |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Meet & Greet Services)

  Very satisfying service, particularly for USA visitors

Omar (Saudi Arabia |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | VIP Transfer/Transit)

  First of all I will choose 5 stars for the service and quick response from live chat and I will back aftee service complete

glenn cole (Russia |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Personalised Transfer Service)

  The customer was left at the fly dubai ticket dest and not taken to the departure gate. Staff from Fly Dubai had to take her

sanjeev jacob (India |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Silver Meet and Greet)

  good service

Manoj Madhu (India |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Gold Meet & Greet)


Muhammad Ali (Pakistan |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Bronze Meet & Greet)

  A short and efficient service.