What Applicant have to say about Airport Service

Chikku Mathew (India |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Bronze Meet & Greet Service)

  It's not a service, just a booking. Took hours to find out what it is in a busy airport, finally it is same Marhaba service.

Ajaykumar Payyaram (United Arab Emirates |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Silver Meet & Greet Service)

  The hala desk was totally undermanned with several services being offered made to wait atleast 1 hour before I was able to get to them. There was total chaos . The ground ladies were helpful and patient and helped us complete the proceedure

Manish Kapur (India |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Platinum Meet & Greet Service)

  all good

VICTORIA TRAVELS (Qatar |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | VIP Service for Foreigners)


Dr A Bensalem (United Kingdom |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Gold Plus Meet and Greet Service)

  So good service.

Shabistan peera (Tanzania |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Silver Plus Meet & Greet Service)

  Everything was perfect however at the taxi queue we got no priority which we used to get before whenever we paid for marhaba services. Truly it only justifies when you pay such a big amount that you get the service upto the cab without waiting in queues.

Brett Matthew Sullivan (United Kingdom |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Gold Meet & Greet Service)

  Great service very quick and professional

Fareed Belalcazar (United Kingdom |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Silver Plus Meet & Greet Service)

  Extremely helpful and professional staff

shahbazfajandar ( |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | Meet & Greet Services)

  Very Good service nice care all your work done very well you are taking all well luggage immigration all work had done

Ahmed Elsayed (Egypt |Service Taken :Meet and Greet | VIP Service for Egyptians)

  Service was great, coordinators were available in both airport and provided excellent support. Really appreciated and highly recommended