What Applicant have to say about Airport Service

Nada Reyad (Egypt |Service Taken :ArrivalSilver Meet and Greet)
  2018-07-01 (04:21 PM)

  Amazing service, thank you

Dina Roshdy (Egypt |Service Taken :DepartureVIP Service for Egyptians)
  2018-07-01 (03:27 PM)

  Very friendly and respectable staff

Hend Refaat ( Egypt |Service Taken :ArrivalVIP Service for Egyptians)
  2018-06-29 (04:07 PM)

  The service is very good and the greater is very helpful and nice. Thank you.

Ahmed O. ELKHOLEI (Egypt |Service Taken :DepartureVIP Service for Egyptians)
  2018-06-29 (10:58 AM)

  Keep up the good work

LOKESH KAUSHIK (India |Service Taken :DepartureGold Meet & Greet)
  2018-06-29 (08:46 AM)

  Greeter service was good on arrival but greeter was too late on departure from Bahrain , in last moment they reached near plane gate , than air hostess was saying to them , are you coming from the moon.

Dyvonne Harris (United Kingdom |Service Taken :Transfer/TransitTransfer Service)
  2018-06-27 (12:33 PM)

  I booked this service for my 16 year old daughter who was traveling alone to the Philippines on Monday. She was really impressed by the first class service she received, and it gave us such peace of mind!! I have booked the service including lounge access for her return trip.. definitely recommend this service.. thankyou..

Thomas A Lamb Jr (Ethiopia |Service Taken :ArrivalMeet & Assist - Main Terminal)
  2018-06-26 (05:56 AM)

  The guy you provided brought her out on time. The service is worth getting. Thank you all.

Rebecca Ross (South Africa |Service Taken :Transfer/TransitTransfer Service)
  2018-06-25 (08:23 PM)

  They were so helpful, even with all my last minute changes. Very happy with the service! Excellent!

Mark Tessler (United States Of America |Service Taken :ArrivalGold Meet & Greet)
  2018-06-25 (03:55 PM)

  This was 5 star service

Janine (South Africa |Service Taken :ArrivalBronze Meet & Greet)
  2018-06-25 (10:02 AM)

  The service itself is brilliant! The reason why I am only giving then 3 1/2 rating is due to the fact that I received 3 phone calls at 4 o'clock in the morning from Airport Services to confirm that my guest was on the aircraft! Most people sleep at 4 o'clock in the morning! I was not impress with the 3 phone calls in the early morning hours.